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Welcome to Brewery Souvenirs.

The official and approved souvenir site for the listed breweries

You can find all the listed small Breweries here.

Special offer: 2 North Cotswold Fleeces with logo - new and unworn but modelled by the suave Mr P! - XLarge size only - would definitely suit a real beer drinker - starting bid £16 - email offer to

North Cotswold Fleece

We offer on their behalf an increasing range of brewery souvenirs and collectables.

We are started off with Wolf Brewery and Iceni Brewery, both in Norfolk and look forward to adding others to this site and their souvenirs as they become available.

You can see the range of items by looking under either the Brewery or the item name. Just click on 'Paypal' for easy on line ordering - you can now use 'Paypal' without joining.

If you wish to order and pay by a different method please e-mail with your requirements, including the reference no.

Prices include VAT and delivery in the UK. Outside the UK, delivery will be quoted separately. The prices do not include any import taxes or duties. To convert GBP to your currency please go to

We will be publishing information on all the breweries as it comes to us and hope that you will sign up to receive our regular newsletter.

We will have a blog page where you can put any comments about us or the brewers and their beers. Whilst these can be critical they must be clean and not abusive etc., - there will be moderators.

We all hope that the interests of real beer drinkers and enthusiasts will be furthered by your visits to this site.

Your suggestions about suitable souvenirs will be appreciated and may even be taken up. Real beer is enjoyed by a proportion of the total beer market and is very strongly supported. We hope that our efforts will increase this support.

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If you wish to contact us please e-mail


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